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EIMAC is an independent European institute connecting the fields of automation, materials, and their structures. By sharing the latest knowledge in these fields, it strives to advance the construction industry.


The institute helps major European and global institutions, universities, and companies to share their know-how. Together they can achieve a level of innovation and progress that would be difficult for individual organizations to succeed.

EIMAC's mission


To bring automation to the construction industry


To promote sustainable materials in the construction industry


Continuously seek new opportunities and processes

The institute's headquarters and its state-of-the-art facilities are located in the heart of Europe, in Žďár nad Sázavou. Symbolically, halfway between the two most important Czech technical universities - Czech Technical University in Prague and the Brno University of Technology.


EIMAC breaks down barriers between disciplines and institutions and creates space for global innovation.

We are connected through our shared values


Together we can do more


We keep our word and honor agreements


Doing the right thing the right way


We are obsessed with innovation


We enjoy it

Founding members

Rudolf Hela

is a university teacher at the Brno Technical University, where he leads the Department of Building Materials and Components Technology at the Faculty of Construction. He is an expert in concrete materials, construction, and economics. Profesor Hela is an authorized engineer in the field of testing and diagnostics of buildings. He is certified for non-destructive testing in construction. He is a member of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers, Chamber of Experts of the Czech Republic, WTA, Czech Concrete Society. He is the head of the accredited testing laboratory at the BUT FAST.

Michal Postránecký

is a Czech architect and urban planner. His portfolio includes projects in the Czech Republic and the USA, where he has lived since 2000. He is the founder and director of the CIIRC Cities of the Future Centre at the CVUT. The goal of this platform, connecting academia and business with municipal representatives, is to create a virtual testbed for cities of the present and future. It promotes the implementation of digitally intelligent tools in the field of architectural design and construction.

ICE Industrial Services a. s.

Is a Czech company led by Tomáš Vránek. It develops, designs, programs, and installs automated machines and lines for major companies worldwide. It also deals with optimizing production processes, data analytics for industry, and the education of professionals. It emphasizes innovation and modern management. ICE wants to transfer its extensive experience in industrial automation to a field that has not changed for decades - the construction industry.

ICE website

The Board of Directors guarantees the institute's independence and technological level

Petr Konvalinka
Chairman of the Czech Republic Technology Agency, former Rector of Czech Technical University in Prague, and Head of the Experimental Centre of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

David Bečkovský

Tech-Enthusiast and technology implementer in Civil Engineering, member of the Czech Bureau of Authorized Technicians in Construction committee.

Dominika Mýtna

Expert in building innovative teams with experience in building global teams for leading international companies.

Latest news

Hospodářské noviny

Around the world, they want to build houses out of concrete using 3D printing. ICE opens a test center in Žďár

A massive metal robotic arm moves continuously along a set path. A unique quick-drying concrete mixture flows from its nozzle. With millimetre precision, it lays one layer after another until a two-meter high wall is created in a few hours.

Full report (PDF)

Article on the website

MF Dnes Vysočina

Rough construction of a house in three days. Their dream is to print a school

The largest in the Czech Republic and among the ten largest concrete printing plants in the world is a new printing farm of an automation company from Žďár nad Sázavou. The revolutionary technology is intended to help modernise the construction industry, replace missing craftsmen and also make construction cheaper and faster.

Full report (PDF)

Article on the website

Seznam Zprávy

Concrete 3D printing farm set up in Žďár nad Sázavou, plans to print a school

The largest 3D concrete printing farm in the Czech Republic is being built in Žďár nad Sázavou, which is also one of the ten largest concrete printers in the world. The robotic workstations are at the plant of ICE Industrial Services.

Article on the website


They plan to print school building in Žďár

Within two years, an elementary school "printed from concrete" should be built in Žďár nad Sázavou. It would be the first school building in the northern hemisphere built by 3D printing. This is the ambition of ICE Coral, the largest farm for this promising construction method in the Czech Republic - a joint project...

Full report (PDF)


They want to print the cafe and the school. It's not science fiction, says farm owner

First, a cafe in Zdar nad Sazavou to test whether they are able to build buildings using a 3D printer and concrete. Then a school building is planned. The first 3D printing farm in the Czech Republic, owned by ICE Industrial Services, is located in Žďár nad Sázavou.

Full report (JPG)

Article on the website

For media

We want to (re)print the future of construction. On 13 October 2021, we presented the first 3D printing farm in the Czech Republic to the media. The founders of EIMAC, Professor Rudolf Hela, architect Michal Postránecký and Tomáš Vránek, director and founder of ICE Industrial Services, signed the founding charter of the institute.